What is A Zip Hydrotap?

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In a world where convenience and efficiency reign supreme, the hydrotap stands out as an advanced drinking water system, ingeniously designed to cater to our modern lifestyle.

At the heart of the hydrotap is its advanced smart technology. This system allows the tap to provide not just unfiltered hot water but also water that is precisely boiled, chilled, or carbonated to meet your specific needs. 

Whether it’s boiling water for a quick cup of tea, chilled water for a refreshing drink, or the luxury of on-demand sparkling water, the hydrotap does it all with remarkable ease.

The journey of water through a hydrotap begins with the water connection. A key requirement for optimal operation is consistent water pressure, which ensures a steady and reliable flow.

From there, water passes through high filtration systems, ensuring that every drop dispensed is clean and safe for drinking – a testament to healthier living.

The system includes an isolation valve and dual check valve, integral components that maintain the purity of water and prevent any backflow, further reinforcing the tap’s safety features.

The child safety lock is another crucial aspect, especially for the boiling water function, ensuring the hydrotap is family-friendly and safe for homes with children.

The versatility of the hydrotap lies in its ability to meet diverse water supply requirements. For boiling water, the system heats water to the exact temperature needed, ready to be dispensed on demand.

The chilled water function operates similarly, but in reverse, using advanced cooling technology to provide cold-sink water instantly.

How Hydrotaps Work: The Science Explained

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Key Features of A Hydrotap

The hydrotap stands out as an advanced drinking water system, offering a suite of features that redefine convenience and efficiency in water dispensing. Let’s explore these key features:

  1. Boiling, Chilled, and Sparkling Water on Demand: The hydrotap uniquely delivers boiling, chilled, and sparkling water instantly. This versatility caters to various needs, from a quick hot drink to a refreshing glass of chilled or carbonated water.
  2. Advanced Smart Technology: Equipped with advanced smart technology, the hydrotap ensures precise control over the water’s temperature and carbonation levels, providing consistent quality every time.
  3. High Filtration for Healthier Living: The system incorporates high filtration, ensuring that the drinking water is not just convenient but also clean and safe, promoting healthier living.
  4. Child Safety Lock: Safety is paramount, and the hydrotap includes a child safety lock, particularly on the boiling water function, to prevent accidents in homes with children.
  5. Sustainable Hydration Solution: Choose sustainable hydration with the hydrotap. Its design minimizes waste and environmental impact, making it a responsible choice for modern living.
  6. Elegant Design: The tap comes in various finishes, including brushed chrome, matte black, and rose gold, transforming it from a mere appliance to a focal point in kitchen design.
  7. Easy Installation: With integral water valves and a requirement for standard cold mixer hole size, the hydrotap is designed for straightforward installation, seamlessly fitting into any kitchen setup.

Sustainability and Convenience: An All-in-One Solution

Choosing the hydrotap means choosing sustainable hydration. Its design ensures minimal waste, high efficiency, and contributes to a lifestyle of healthier living.

The hydrotap exemplifies the perfect blend of advanced technology, beautiful design, and sustainable practices. It’s not just a water system; it’s a step towards a more efficient, healthy, and stylish kitchen experience.

Zip Water offers a diverse range of hydrotap models, each designed to suit different needs and preferences:

  1. Hydrotap Classic: The classic model provides the essential functions of boiling and chilled water, perfect for those who value simplicity and efficiency.
  2. Hydrotap Celsius: This model steps up the game by adding the functionality of unfiltered hot water, suitable for those who need more than just boiling and chilled water.
  3. Hydrotap Celsius AIO (All-In-One): The AIO models, including the Celsius AIO and Celsius AIO BCS, offer an all-in-one solution. They deliver boiling, chilled, sparkling, and unfiltered hot water, making them a comprehensive choice for complete water solutions.
  4. Design Variations: Each model comes in various design finishes like brushed gold, brushed nickel, and classic plus, allowing for a perfect match with kitchen aesthetics.

Benefits and Advantages of Using Hydrotaps

Using a hydrotap comes with numerous benefits and advantages. With the ability to dispense boiling, chilled, or sparkling water on demand, the hydrotap saves time and reduces the need for multiple appliances.

The high filtration system ensures that the water is free from contaminants, while features like the child safety lock make it safe for family use.

Opting for a hydrotap means choosing sustainable hydration. It reduces plastic bottle waste and energy consumption, contributing to a healthier planet.

The hydrotap’s compact design frees up counter space, and its sleek look enhances the kitchen’s aesthetics, replacing the boring old kitchen faucet with a beautifully designed single tap.

Designed to work efficiently with varying water pressure levels, the hydrotap maintains a consistent and minimum flow rate, ensuring reliability and performance.

Users can adjust the temperature of the boiling and chilled water, as well as the level of carbonation for sparkling water, allowing for a tailored drinking experience.

Zip Hydrotap Alternatives

While hydrotaps are a leading choice in advanced drinking water systems, there are alternatives in the market offering similar functionalities.

Generic Boiling and Chilled Water Systems provide the basic functionality of boiling and chilled water but may lack the advanced features and design elegance of hydrotaps.

For those who primarily demand sparkling water, stand-alone carbonated water dispensers can be an alternative, though they won’t offer the all-in-one convenience of a hydrotap.

A more budget-friendly alternative can be a combination of high-quality water filters and separate kettles for boiling water. However, this option lacks the integrated and instant nature of a hydrotap.

Some brands offer integrated taps that provide boiling, chilled, or sparkling water. While they may compete in functionality, they might differ in design, water pressure handling, and the level of advanced smart technology.

How to Install Your Hydrotap

Installing a hydrotap is an intricate process that requires technical expertise, precision, and an understanding of plumbing systems. This guide outlines the steps involved in the installation, highlighting why it is a job best left to professional plumbers.

Professional plumbers, like us, begin by inspecting the installation site and assessing the sink, the under-sink area, and the existing plumbing. We check for compatibility with the hydrotap’s requirements, such as cold mixer hole size and under-sink space.

The first technical step involves shutting off the main water supply to avoid any water spillage during installation.

We install integral water valves and T-connectors to the existing water line. This step requires expertise to ensure that the connection is secure and leak-proof.

If the sink doesn’t have a pre-existing hole, we will carefully drill a hole of the appropriate size.

The tap is then fitted into the hole and secured from below. This process requires precision to ensure that the tap is perfectly aligned and stable.

The filtration unit, a crucial part of ensuring high-quality drinking water, is installed under the sink. The plumber connects it to the tap and the water supply, paying attention to the water pressure and flow rate requirements.

Hydrotaps require an electrical connection for heating and cooling functions. We will ensure that this connection is safely made, adhering to electrical safety standards.

Once installed, we test the tap for all its functions – boiling, chilled, and sparkling water. This includes checking for leaks, ensuring proper temperature control, and verifying the carbonation level for sparkling water.

The system might need calibration, especially for achieving the desired carbonation level in sparkling water and optimal temperature settings.

We conduct a series of safety checks, including verifying the child safety lock functionality.

Finally, we demonstrate how to use the hydrotap, covering aspects like operating the different functions, understanding the child safety lock, and basic troubleshooting.

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